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Thursday, February 5, 2015

January bag

I just wanted to show you my "January bag" today.  At Quilt Market in Houston last October we got a lot of great bag patterns, so we decided to have a "Bag of the month" club at the shop. Sewing together is just so much fun, and since the patterns are in English we can help each other if there is something we don't understand....
The January bag is by designer Sara Lawson of "Sew Sweetness".  She makes wonderful bag patterns, and they are super easy to understand!  The pattern we chose was "the Byebye love bag"
You can make this bag in two different sizes, and this is the larger one- and my favorite bag at the moment! ( I made one large one and two small ones....)
So many wonderful bags were made in January, It is so great to see how different they all came out just by using different fabrics!
Tuesday is our first February bag club meeting, and I will show you the february bag later. ( Yes I already made one...)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My sewing folder is finished!

Yeey, I finally finished my hand sewing folder!  I managed to finish it on the weekend in my previous post.  Now I need a new project to fill it with....
Here is the other side. It has pockets on the front and back ( the Dresden block is a pocket)

The inside... Lots of places to put my scissors, needles, thread etc.

And the outside, with three pockets for patterns and other fun stuff!
This was a really fun project to make, with lots of details that took a while to sew ( some of them I left out....)
Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A few finishes

Today I will finally show you a few finished things here....  My lack of blog posts doesn't mean I don't quilt ( or knit)- it just means I have limited computer time....
My first finish in 2015 was this Marius jacket.  I knitted one in blue white and red in the fall, then I really wanted a grey one as well.... I used Sandnes Mini Alpakka yarn in this.

My Advent calendar was finished in early December. yeey!  I had my advent gifts hanging on it, so I waited with taking a photo until now.... The pattern is by AnnAKa, and was a BOM.

I think I showed you this table topper when I was working on it.  Fun fabrics by Lynette Anderson, and a really neat ruler called the Basix ( x- blocks)

This was a UFO from 2013 I think... Again a pattern by AnnAKa, but it was supposed to be a table runner with two identical stitcheries..... I decided we needed a wall hanging more than another Christmas runner.....LOL ( saved me lots of stitching....) It felt great to get this one finished!!
This weekend I pulled out my pieces from the AnnAKa class we had at the shop in October..... Ola (mr. 15) and I have been "home alone", and he really doesn't want to hang out with Mom anymore, so I have had plenty of sewing time, even if I worked Saturday... My goal is to have this finished before I go to bed tonight- so I better get back to the sewing room now....
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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

I am going to start the new blogyear with a picture of my husband Svein wearing the mittens I showed you "pre felting" a couple of posts back.  After felting them in the washingmachine they came out the perfect size for him. No more cold hands for him this winter I hope!

Right before Christmas Svein helped me make a table lamp out of a "Norway Jar". These Jars are like the Ball Mason Jars, except they say "Norge", and they are round.  They have been out of production for many years, but Hadeland Glassverk just relaunched them ( at a high price...)  I have a few of these from my Grandmother, and I wanted to make a nice lamp, and Svein drilled the holes in the top glass ( unlike Mason Jars the lid on the top is also glass), and close to the bottom for the cord to go through.  Now I just need to get a new lampshade, the one I have on there is from a different lamp until I find one I like.

I managed to sew a bit during Christmas as well, two bags from the same pattern: the "Byebye love" bag by designer Sarah Lawson The blue parts above are for the smaller bag

And the fun cartoon fabric I've been waiting to cut into will be the larger size bag.  
We are starting a "Bag club" at the shop this year, and this bag will be the January bag.  I can't wait to see the fabrics the other ladies have chosen for their bags!
Hope you're off to a great new year, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to all!

Finally Christmas is here, and I didn't have to wait any longer to open my SSCS gift from Jan over at "little Red Hen". She spoiled me rotten with not only one, but three gifts!  First was this lovely bag in awesome fabrics, and inside were two wooden kangaroo buttons and a pattern!

This is the bag closed, isn't it gorgeous?

Jan also made me this pretty drawstring bag ( again- i LOVE the fabrics!!!!) and inside this bag was a pack of Christmas kleenex :-)

The third lovely gift Jan made me was this adorable stocking!  I just had to hang it on the tree right away!  Thank you so much for your generous presents Jan, I am thrilled with them all!!!
A million thanks to Donna as well for hosting the swap!!!!
Today we woke up to a cold morning with -32C ( -24F), so we have stayed inside pretty much all day.  Went to my Mom and Dad's for Christmas lunch/dinner which is a tradition, along with my brother and his wife and her parents and sister.  My parents also have some friends from Romania who doesn't have any family here who spend Christmas day with us,  Kristine is in Texas celebrating Christmas with her dad and stepmom there, so it does feel a bit empty here without her.  Can't wait to see her again in January.  She has a couple of weeks off before University starts again, so she'll be home for a few days then.
I hope everyones christmas has been wonderful!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Friday, December 5, 2014

Thank you my Secret Santa!

Santa has dropped off my SSCS parcel from Jan over at "Little red hen"  and look at the cute ornament she made for me!  I love it, thank you so much Jan!

The other gift has been hidden away until Christmas!

But the ornament has been hung on my little tree in the sewingroom.  Isn't it just adorable?
Thank you again to Chookyblue for hosting this swap!  I've been in it every year since she started hosting it :-)

Monday, November 24, 2014

A new ruler to play with.

I have a new ruler, the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ruler, and it is so much fun to use!!!  I was demonstrating it at the quilt guild the other night, so I thought I'd tell you all about it as well.

The pictures just show a little of how you use the ruler when you make the star points for the Hunter's Star.  Now in my last post I said I would use my NEW fabrics first, and not my older ones, but I failed already.... All the red and cream fabrics I am using in these blocks are from my old stash.... ( Now I can actually close the drawer with red fabrics again :-) )
The ruler makes it really easy to sew the star points to the trapezoid, and you use your regular ruler to trim pthe bits when they are sewn together.

Here is a block almost finished- I just need to trim it down using the Hunter's star ruler!
This is the layout I am using, these haven't been sewn together or trimmed yet, ( well, now they are, but not when I photographed them...)

I've knittesd this weekend as well, winter is here (or it should be), and more mittens need to be made.  Look how huge these are before I threw them in the washinmachine to get felted.

I just hope they are a lot smaller when the wash is done!  I will show you the result :-)
Well folks, that's what I've been up to- oh, and I've mailed off my SSCS package to someone far far away!  I hope it gets there in time for Christmas!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New projects :-)

I have unpacked my suitcases after my Houston trip, and this shelf now holds fabrics for new shop samples, fabrics that I bought "Just for fun" and a couple of kits ( also just for fun...) Now my intention is to use this fabric FIRST.... Before any of my older fabrics.....We'll see how that goes ;-)

For my first project in November I wanted to try new rulers we bought at Market.  We've had the X-block ruler at the shop for about 5 years I think, and now they have a new X- block ruler called "Basix" to use with jelly rolls (or 2,5" strips)

For this sample I had to use fabrics already at the shop, so I decided on Lynette Anderson's Christmas line ( along with a red from my stash....)

Look how easy this is... Sew the strips together, then align the marks on the ruler with your sewing lines and cut....

Voila! In no time you have a table topper!  This still needs borders though.....

At the quilt guild meeting last night I played with the mini basix ruler, which works with 1,5" strips... small and fun!

This little piece will turn into a mug rug I think, I just need to decide which motif to use on the side...
That's all I can show you for now... I have a bit of secret sewing going on as well for the SSCS.... Just a couple of weeks before we have to mail our gifts out now,   I am so excited!!!!I really hope my swap partner will like what I am making for her :-)
Well, I am off to the sewing room!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Quilt Market

We are home from Quilt Market!  What a great time we had this year!!  So many lovely booths to tempt us with all their lovely fabrics, patterns, books and everything else we just need to have...
Schoolhouse was fun!  A super busy day running around to many different presentations.  Kids Quilts from New Zeeland has a brand new fabric range coming out in February, and new patterns using their bright and cheery fabrics!  We fell in love with it all!

The Moda Schoolhouse was fun as always- here are the designers who had new fabric collections coming out in their pj's :-)  It was a Moda pyjama party!
I got to meet Gail again too, she had such a lovly booth, and of course we got some of her new patterns and her new Christmas book.

And one of our new pattern suppliers: Quilts remembered.  Looks like we had fun...!

Of course we had time to relax a little in the evenings...
I have a ton of pictures to go through, and I will post more in the coming days!
Thank you for stopping by!