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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My sewing folder is finished!

Yeey, I finally finished my hand sewing folder!  I managed to finish it on the weekend in my previous post.  Now I need a new project to fill it with....
Here is the other side. It has pockets on the front and back ( the Dresden block is a pocket)

The inside... Lots of places to put my scissors, needles, thread etc.

And the outside, with three pockets for patterns and other fun stuff!
This was a really fun project to make, with lots of details that took a while to sew ( some of them I left out....)
Thank you for stopping by my blog!


  1. Beautiful sewing folder. Hugs,xx

  2. wow, Anne Heidi, the sewing folder is amazing, so beautiful & perfectly stitched... now you can enjoy using it!


  3. Beautiful sewing as usual my friend Love your work. WE are trying to piece our lives together each day as we miss Ray so much, I hope that I can sew and get back the motion I had, I know he would want me to. Come when you can, miss you all. Hugs, Marie

  4. It's beautiful! I've been wanting to make a sewing folder for a gift -- I need it by next Wednesday -- do you think I can make it LOL???

  5. Så nydelig og forseggjort symappe! Ps Gleder meg til quilteweekend på Savallen :)


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