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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some kind of Wonderful

I am keeping up with the Stitch along group, and my January blocks are all done!  This is my focus project at the moment- and I am truly enjoying it!

Last week our shop was invited to Elverum Quiltguild, and we had a great time! You might recognize May Britt and Laila here....

It was such a fun evening- we had a great time in Elverum- a big thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome!
Thank you for stopping by- have a great day!



  1. oh I heard you were at the quilt meeting.........one day when I win lots of money I will get to Norway.........

  2. oh and your SAL block looks great.....

  3. I wish I lived closer...looks like fun!

  4. Such fun. I recognized May Britt. The very first swap I ever participated in was a bag swap and I was given her name so I made a bag and sent it to her. :o)


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