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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Living in a winter wonderland!

Today was such a beautiful day, so I just had to go skiing with Sigve and Svein.

Sigve is getting his tunes ready while Svein wax the skis before we start.  This might sound like a lovely way to spend quality time together as a family (even if the other two kids didn't come today)- but this is how Sunday skiing is for me:  We start out together (or usually the boys start a few minutes before me, and go back and forth like english setters....) then Svein starts last (he locks up the car, makes sure we have everything etc.)  He then catches up to me and the boys within a few hundred meters- and that's the last I see of them- until I meet them when they are on their way back to the car..... I still love it though!

Over to some quilty stuff.... Nothing new to show- except this fun fabric- "Hometown" by Sweetwater.  When they were planning this line they asked everybody to tell them their hometowns- or where they lived, and they would use some of the towns on their fabric.  This fabric line has been out for a while- but I haven't really read all the town names until Kristine discovered something exciting when we were at Quiltegaarden a couple of weeks ago..... Some very familiar names- Like Cocoa Beach and Orlando- Our favorite places in Florida (and where I used to live....)

And believe it or not : TYNSET!  Our little town in Norway is there- how exciting!!!  I remember commenting on their blog telling them Tynset was my home town, but I never expected it to make the fabric. Now I need to find the perfect bag to make with this awesome piece of fabric fun- don't you think?
Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Growing up we did a lot of sledding, ice skating on outdoor ponds, but I've never been snow skiing. Don't you just love that Homeown fabric? Sweetwater always puts out a good collection.

  2. Love thinking about you in Norway (in italian language we call it Norgegia): some magic atmosphere. Nevere be there, but I should to.
    A bag? An italian friend made a free tutorial. Do you want to look at it? Perhaps it will be a good project for you.

  3. Det stoffet må du ta med på torsdag hvis du har det i butikken :)

  4. What a great way to spend a special day! Love the fabric with all our special places on them. and by the way Cocoa Beach is calling you to come SOON!! Miss you! HUgs

  5. Jøss det var jo kjempekult. Har du dette stoffet i butikken din? Har en venninne som er i Orlando for øyeblikket. Hun har kjøpt seg feriebolig der. Ikke misunnelig i det hele tatt hehe....

  6. What a lovely way to spend your Sunday, it looks amazing.

  7. I have jelly roll of 'Hometown' and I wondered what are all those towns... now the mystery is solved ;o) thanks! I didn't know the story behind of those lovely fabrics.

  8. What a great fabric you showed and yes now you need to make a bag out of it.


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