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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A short break from the sewing machine....

Now and then I've been stitching on my "T'is the season" stitcheries, and all of the sudden I am on the last one! Yeey!  I've used Trasfer Eze for these, and I have to soak them in water to get it off.

As you might see I've already soaked the Penguin and the Elf block...
I haven't decided whether I'm really LATE or really EARLY with this Christmas quilt... LOL

A couple of other things I'm druling over tonight...... Urban Cowgirl Jelly rolls and charmpacks just came in at the shop..... LOVE them!!!!!!

And "A walk in the woods" also came in the other day- super cute!!!!

So tonight I just HAD to sew something.... Started on these easy blocks using the charm pack and jelly roll- and I am having FUN!!!!
Back to the sewing machine......


  1. I love your projects and also the new fabrics. I haven't shopped in a while so I'm not up-to-date on the newer collections. I did a redwork Christmas stitchery that was on a blog but never did finish up the blocks after getting all the embroidery done so I guess I'm with you that we're very ahead of the game for this coming Christmas. ;D

  2. You are early!! Of course...

    It's beautiful and you will have something lovely to take out at Christmas... again and again.

  3. oh definitely really early.............have fun putting them together..........

  4. You are very early. This Saturday is the first Christmas Sew-along. You could participate and work on the quilt.

  5. Your stitcheries are looking lovely, I have the pattern and should make a start too


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