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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas is coming....

And I am preparing.... A few gifts are already made, and my SSCS present was mailed out last week. I wonder how long it will take for it to reach it's destination?? On my day off this week I was busy wrapping adventcalendar gifts for the kids. Sigve had decided on a storebought Lego Pirates calendar this year- which was great- that means 24 less gifts to buy and wrap.... For Kristine and Ola I bought a large Lego item, and it took me ALL DAY Monday to find all the parts to wrap for every day.... The instruction booklet and lego pieces had to be divided into 48 small packages, boy am I happy it is all done! The calendar looks nice though will all the gifts on it. My aunt made the calendar for Kristine and Sigve 11 years ago I think (before Ola was born) I love the sweet angel choir :-)
You might see Kristine's dress has grown a little bit. I try to knit a few rounds every day, but I keep my stitchery close by (you might see it on the table next to my chair...)
I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas preparations, we're making gingerbread cookies on Saturday, yummy!
I also changed the music to Christmas music on my blog- some Norwegian songs, and some English songs- hope you enjoy them! By the way, White Christmas with Robbie Williams is sooo funny!!! (Hope you see the video on the player...)
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  1. How lovely to hear of your Christmas preparations...the calendars are a lot of organising, but the chilren must love them.

  2. wow wrappig lego into that many parcels............
    have a lovely christmas time and enjoy your preparations........
    we will be decorating on Sunday........

  3. My SSCS parcel arrived today and I plan to get the tree up on Sunday so I am starting to get excited about the 'silly season' now!!

  4. Hi there Anne Heidi and a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to you fom South Australia!!!! My parcel arrived safe and sound and it didn't seem to take very long. I picked it up from the post office yesterday ans was very thrilled with the two gorgeous ornaments that look so lovely on my tree. I have put the main one underneath and can't wait to open it. Thank you so much and i wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas-good luck with all your preparations:)

  5. My son also got the pirate Lego Advent Calendar - boy is he ever thrilled with each day! Omi gave me money today to get him a Lego set he has been wanting - it is easier for her to have me do her shopping and I am more than happy to do so. I never thought about breaking up a bigger set into daily presents - very clever of you! Cheers! Evelyn


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