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Monday, November 23, 2009

My day

It's my day off, and I've got lots planned... Last Monday I started making some Christmas presents, and this tablerunner was one of them.  I finished four tops, quilted them yesterday, and now I am ready to bind the last three.  These were fun to make- the tulip fabric is at least 10 years old... I bought it at a shop called "Quilteriet" which was right by our house when we lived in Sofiemyr. I loved that shop... I think they closed quite a few years ago now though :-( The great part was I HAD to pass this shop to get to the grocery store... Needless to say I went to the grocery store almost every day LOL.

Here's another project; a dress for Kristine.  It's been a few years since she asked me to knit her anything at all (except for mittens), she just "borrows" my sweaters.... But when this pattern book arrived at the shop from Rauma, she fell in love with this dress, so I was happy to start knitting it for her.  I think this will take a while, because there are A LOT of stitches in the round...

And my last project for the day- Baking bread. The dough is rising, should be ready in about ten minutes now. I love the smell of fresh baked bread- don't you?  I'm sure the boys will be happy when they get home from school as well. Mondays are short days for them so they get home at 1PM :-)
Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!

Finally a big Happy Birthday to my Aunt and Uncle, and Jake in FL!!

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  1. You've been a very busy girl! Pretty table runner and that knitted dress is absolutely gorgeous. Please share your progress on this...it will be amazing to watch this grow.

  2. Oh you amazing girl, I love your many talents, I am sure your Mother is so proud of the wonderful homemaker you are. The bread would be wonderful and I love the table runner but that dress far surpasses it all, I can't wait to see your progress. We will have Faith for the next 2 days as it is the school holiday week. I am sure you will hear from her too. Much love and hugs, Marie

  3. Hi AnneHeidi thanks for visiting..I love Kim Diehls work I have all her books...looks as if you had a great time in Houston at the market...LOVE your blue nine patch glad to of found your blog will be back...

  4. Lovely projects...especially the knitting! You have been busy.

  5. Love the red, black & white table runner. And m-m-m-m I can smell the vread baking.

  6. Mmmmmmm, I can almost smell your heavenly bread! I love the smell of baking bread. Love the sweater dress you are working on, and your table runner is lovely.


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