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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A weekend at the cabin

Last weekend we went to the cabin with my parents. We had a wonderful time and started getting the cabin ready for the Christmas holidays. We will be spending Christmas up there- I can't wait!
The boys love to play in the snow- there is a great hill right by the cabin. We can actually watch them from inside.... sipping a nice cup of coffe doing some stitchery....
Kristine loves to take pictures, so all these are her shots. I think she feels too old to be sledding down the hills....
But Sigve is having a ball! (so was Ola, but all the pictures seem to be of Sigve this time...)

Some more scenery...
We enjoyed lovely sunsets- in the middle of the day. Our days are getting very short now.

Here's the photographer herself. I think one of her brothers took this picture.

Have a wonderful day, I hope you enjoyed the little "tour".
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  1. Fantastiske bilete! Så kos det høyrest ut med jul på hytta. I dag tidleg var det reine Edvard Munch-stemninga då eg køyrde til jobben, diger måne som skein ned på frosen fjord, heilt fantastisk!
    Ha det fint!

  2. Your cabin looks lovely - how wonderful to celebrate Christmas is such a special place.

  3. Enjoy the holidays with your family at the cabin and I will think about you. Claude Jr. is in Belgium and when he returns he hopes to bring his family home for the holidaysto it . We will be so happy to see them. I am so happy and thankfulthat I have met you this year and able to add you to mylist of friends. God bless you and yours. Blessings and hugs, Marie

  4. Oh what great photos! I would love to have a white Christmas and the cabin looks the perfect place to celebrate. Thank you for our 'tour'.

  5. Beautiful photos...looks COLD though!

  6. Such fantastic pictures. Thank you for sharing them. What time does it get dark, and what time does the sun rise again?

  7. What beautiful photos! It looks heavenly.


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