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Sunday, December 14, 2008

A finish!

I finished my Christmas bag last week, woo hoo!!! It is the perfect size, and I am very happy to have it finished:-)

Here's the front of the bag where I used the Technique we learned in AnnAKa's class at the shop. I will definitely use this shrinking technique in the future as well- it is so much FUN! And early next year I will be getting the "shrinking fabric" at the shop- I am so excited!
Oh, and I've been sidetracked... during the cold winter I tend to knit a lot- it keeps my hands warm I guess.... This is going to be a jacket for the boys. They both wanted one, but they wear the same size, so I am only knitting one in this particular pattern... I'll knit another one in a different pattern. (this is called a "Marius sweater"
Yesterday we celebrated St.Lucia, and the boys had a concert at the town hall. Ola is in the percussion section- 2nd from the right. They played lots of Christmas carols- it was very nice.
Sigve and a co student played "we wish you a merry Christmas" solo. They did very good and I was a very proud Mom....
Before the concert the kids and I made "lussekatter"- sweet rolls. Yummy....
Oh and by the way I am thrilled that my SSCS present has arrived at Julie's.... And I have received my SSCS present from Elizabeth. Now I can't wait for Christmas..... A big THANK YOU to Donna for hosting this wonderful swap!
Thank you for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!


  1. Merry Christmas my friend! Your bag is so pretty. I hope we get the shrinking stuff over here in the U.S. as I would love to do some quilt blocks with it.I hope you and all the family will have a safe and beautifiul holiday at the cabin. I will be in touch after the holidays. Many blessings and hugs, Marie

  2. That bag is beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing what else you do with the shrinking fabric next year. What lovely photos from the concert. Those sweet rolls look so good - Yum!

  3. Love that Christmas bag!! Great pictures of your kiddos and what a yummy looking treat.

  4. Every photo has something - someone great. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. Love your kiddo pictures, they are so cute. Your finish is so pretty! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. Riktig god jul til deg og dine! Kos deg i kveld.
    Klem fra Vibeke

  7. I wish I had time to knit. The design you are using looks rather intricate. Sweaters don't do us a lot of good in Florida but I very much admire the ones that are hand made.
    Those sweet rolls look yummy!


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