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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2nd- sewing again

Well, it is the second day in December, and I decided it is time I finish my Christmas bag I started in AnnAKa's class a month ago.... But first I made some caramel Christmas cookies... They are so yummy I don't think they will last until Christmas though LOL.
After baking I changed out one of the quilts hanging in the livingroom with this Christmas quilt I made last year. It has been at the shop all year, and I was so happy to finally bring it home with me. I really enjoyed working on this quilt last December.

Now I finally made it to my sewing room, the kids are at band practice, and DH is at work... I SHOULD be folding laundry, but I'm waiting until they get home so they can help out... So sewing it is!
Have a wondrful day!


  1. Aldeles nydelig teppe. Skjønner godt at det var koselig å jobbe med det. Er det et du har mønster til? (einar49@start.no). Godt du rekker å gjøre litt annet enn butikk. Nyt førjulstiden.

    Klem fra Anne

  2. It is time you are able to enjoy your sewing and get t he things done for your precious family. Those cookies lood so good.Tske care and I miss you. Hugs and blessings, Marie

  3. Those caramel cookies sure look good! Hope you got some good sewing time in!

  4. I love your nativity quilt! And the cookies look very, very yummy.

  5. I have this same Christmas quilt, in kit form. I need to get it done! Yours is beautiful! By the way, I received a little something from you! I am so excited, but am resolved to wait until Christmas to open it...Hee!

  6. Esas galletas tienen una pinta......sabrosas deben de estar.....Bon Nadal!!!!


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