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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Strip challenge

Thank you to all who replied to my earlier post about "clickability" of my blog...I hope all are now able to leave comments and visit my links.
Hanne is having a "strip challenge" on her blog, no- she doesn't want us to strip- keep your clothes on!!! She wants to challenge all who has a jelly roll (or 10!!) on the shelf in our sewing room. I know- they look soo pretty, and it is difficult to untie that nice Moda ribbon and unroll the fabulous strips of fabric, but hey- it really doesn't do us any good on the shelf. I say "let's get sewing" and join Hanne's challenge! I've been sooo brave and unrolled this yummy "fresh cut" roll. I even have the pattern to use (ok, so it came in a kit...I admit it).
Pop on over to Hanne and tell her if you'd like to join. Let's see how many rolls we can sew up together this summer, shall we?
I'm off to the sewingmachine!


  1. Hei
    Jeg har også meldet meg på utfordringen til Hanne. Det skal bli spennende å se hva som kommer ut av de forskjellige, sikkert mange flotte arbeider.
    Bloggen din er fremdeles ikke klikkbar i explorer hos meg, men funker bra i Opera som jeg skriver fra nå.

  2. You are right, boy do I have a lot of Jelly Rolls. But they do look so pretty rolled up. I just finished a top with one jelly roll. I posted a picture on my blog...check it out. I am loving your bright flower quilt and all your cow quilts. Wonderful eye candy!!


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