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Sunday, June 8, 2008


It seems there might be a problem with my blog. The links seem to be "unclickable" and the same seems to have happened to the comment box. On my laptop they all work, but on our other computer nothing is clickable on my blog. Does anyone out there know how to fix this problem?? I really really want to have this fixed, since it seems noone can leave a comment or go to any of the links at the moment. Send me an e mail at lappemor@bbnett.no if you have any idea at all how to fix this error. I will sooo grateful for any help at all! Thank you for visiting, and I hope to get this problem solved soon!


  1. Jeg har ingen problemer med å bruke linkene dine til andre blogger. Også linken til butikken virker. Håper at dette bare har vært et forbigående problem. Ha ei fin uke.

  2. All the links work fine on my end!

    Love your blog. ;-)

    k in tx

  3. All links work! Last week I discovered, that blogger has all new features (to me) and I love the way I can now type a post and upload the photos. So much easier.
    I always work in blogger on my laptop. Even in another browser I sometimes have problems, so...
    I hope it will be solved!
    BTW Love your new header!!


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