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Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy flowers

This is my second post today- must be the heat getting to me... I just finished this happy quilt from Linda Lum DeBono's book "Cool Girls Quilt". I have ordered all her books for the shop, and now I see she has a new one coming as well! I love her bright cheerful designs.
And last night I also finished my coffee cup bag from the kit I got at the quilt meet in April. The text says : I'm hooked on fabrics, but sometimes I need coffee". I used a variegated green Aurifil thread for the stitchery instead of the black that was in the kit (just because). Now I can bring my coffe cup with me in style to all those parent meetings at school in the fall. All the invitations clearly state "coffee will be served, bring your own cup". Well, I am certainly prepared!
Snipp wanted to say happy weekend to you all- she was wondering why I was taking pictuers of quilts and not her this morning! So a happy weekend to all of you! Stay healthy and remember to drink a lot of water in the heat (or maybe wine if it's cold where you are)


  1. Love your quilt Anne-Heidi. It’s so cheerfull!
    After seeing your first photos of this quilt I bought Linda’s Cool Girls Quilts book and ... New Noel at Amazon... I can‘t wait till they arrive...!
    Happy weekend!

  2. I love your quilt! The coffee cup is adorable too!

  3. Så fint at du har fått fikset bloggen din..... jeg ville så gjerne si hvor fint det teppet var such cheerful colours


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