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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More cows...

Do I love cows? It sure looks like it! I finished "Cows and Daisies" by Lynette Anderson yesterday, and now the cows are looking at everyone walking by the shop LOL. Lynette also just posted the 4th free BOM pattern- I printed mine out, and hopefully it will be stitched on the porch in the sun tonight.

I started quilting this today, I've outline quilted all the applique shapes, and I will be freehand quilting swirls and loops in the background areas. I'm having a hard time finding out what color I want to use for the freehand quilting. Any suggestions? Hopefully I'll finish this one tomorrow. DH leaves for a business trip to Germany in the morning, and he won't be home until Sunday night, so I think there will be some sewing going on...
Have a happy sunny day!


  1. Such cute cows! And also a darling quilt.
    When I've sold my longarm I may attempt machine quilting on my DSM. It looks so intimidating, moving the fabric instead of the needle.

  2. I bought the cow-quilt pattern from Lynette. Your quilt looks wonderful! Love the fabrics you’ve used!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love those cows too. I will have to look at her designs a bit more! So cute

  4. The cows re too cute! How about using opposite colrs in each block...like if flower shape is orange - use orange in block (square) then if block is blue use blue in flower?

  5. Those cows are simply adorable!

  6. I like your blog and specially those pieces of art you sew


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