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Monday, June 16, 2008

Drumroll please....

Well, I hope y'all had a terrific weekend! I had a blast with the Tynset Skolemusikkorps (Tynset School Marching Band) at a big band festival in Lillehammer. We left Friday afternoon and arrived in Lillehammer in the evening. The program was pretty intense all weekend with concerts and a big parade on Saturday. We stayed at the Lillehammer High School, and our band and twirlers slept in the gym (and of course all adults slept there as well). The band in the gym next to ours had a few very persistent and eager percussionists, and at 5:30 am yesterday we were all awakened by a VERY LOUD drum solo. The drummer(s) then started walking through the hallways "banging" away on their drums. We were not happy campers, let me tell you....
Other than that we had a wonderful weekend. The kids in our band are very close knit, and they always have the best time when they play together and go on trips.

Here they are on Saturday downtown Lillehammer playing "High School Musical"
Enjoy, and thank you for visiting!

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  1. Hey there, Loved hearing about the band, many high school memories I have of band. I will joing you on the jelly roll quilts. Have a good day and see you soon. Hugs

  2. Thanks for sharing the video. It brought back memories of when my two children were in band in high school. The kids had so much fun!

  3. Wonderfully talented band and twirlers, thanks for sharing. I love your new header, too. have a great week!

  4. Love band geeks! I have much experience with enthusiastic percussionists... and many band festivals. Sounds like a fabulous time!


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