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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday fun

I love Sundays. It is the one day I get to do whatever I want to (well, almost...) Today I've tried out this wonderful bagel recipe shared by Monica over at Happy Zombie and let me tell you these bagels are delicious! I can only find frozen bagels here, and well, they are not very good to tell you the truth. I have tried a couple of bagel recipes, and this one is definitely the one I will be using from now on. Kristine and I had a lovely lunch with fresh from the oven bagels with cream cheese and a nice cup of tea.
I also baked bread today, which I usually do 2-3 times a week (just because we love homebaked bread) In between the baking, and getting around to the bookkeeping I really NEED to do for DH's shop, I've done a bit of stitching. This is block 6 in the "truly Scrumptios" quilt, which I was hoping to get done in time for the Norwegian Quilt assiciation's 20th anniversary weekend. I only have 4 weeks left, but after next Sunday I should have the nights off, free to do all the stitching and sewing I want to :-)
Have a great Sunday, we're taking the kids to the movies tonight to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks- should be fun!


  1. thanks for the recipe.....
    I'm sure you will finish the "Srumptions quilt" for the 20° anniversary.
    ciao ciao

  2. Your bread looks delicious! I'm tempted to go and put some in the breadmaker right now, but I think I'm out of yeast :(

  3. I'm so glad you loved the recipe too. Your bagels look delicious Anne Heidi!

    Love that stitchery you have started... hope you're going to show the rest of it when your done. It's just adorable!

  4. Bagels, bread and stitcheries, it all looks delicious!We can buy the most tasteful fresh baken breads and bagels, so no need for me to bake my own....!

  5. I saw that bagel recipe and was thinking I should give it a try. Although we have a couple of bagel shops close by that make fabulous "Montreal style" bagels. But I bet nice "hot from the oven" home made bagels would be better :)))

  6. I loved Alvin and the Chipmunks when I was little. Pretty stitching... and you know what, I can just smell that homemade bread.... mmmmm! How do you get it all done?

  7. The bagels look very yummy. Good luck with Truly Scrumptious - hope you get her finished in time. I ove those girls.

  8. I copied that bagel recipe last week. Glad to hear yours turned out so good. Think I will have to get it a whirl. The stitchery that you have going looks really cute! Hope you are having a great


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