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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy dance!!!!

I was the lucky winner on Nicolette's blog devliégendekoe when she had a giveaway. I got a note from the post office there was a package for me, and my dear husband went to pick it up for me, when I opened it this is what was inside.For my lovely price she knitted me this amazing scarf in my favorite color, orange. And she included a lovely sweet card and some yummy candies- Thank you so much Nicolette- you are such a sweet friend, and I am so lucky to have received this wonderful gift from you. I have used the scarf every day now (I received it earlier this week- but haven't had time to write this post until today) We still have tons of snow here, so the scarf will be great for keeping warm. Ola (our almost 9 year old) took this picture of me with the scarf yesterday morning, I asked if he wanted to be a photographer when he grows up- but no, he wanted to be a car mechanic... I think he did a good job with the camera though..
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Anne Heidi, it’s tailor-made for you! I’s so wonderful to see you wearing the scarf. You are beautiful! Enjoy your gift!

  2. Gorgeous scarf!! Lucky girl!!

  3. hats a great photo your son took and the scarf is so perfect for you, the colouring is just great.

  4. He took a terrific photo and it's nice to see your pretty face. I like the look of your blog banner. Great scarf too.

  5. Anne
    what a lovely scarf (and card - more inspiration)
    I love the scarf colour and the photo your son took is great
    I wish you were near and I could join in the classes

  6. What a great friend. That scarf is very pretty. And you, my dear, are beautiful! :)

  7. Great photo! My son (almost 5 years old) takes great photos of me too - through the eyes of a child!!!



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