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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tørst- Thirsty

Opening night was a sucess, and all the kids did wonderful! The production got wonderful reviews in the newspapers, which is really nice for them- they have worked so hard on this for months now. The filmclip down at the end of the post shows Sigve "fighting" the troll who killed his dad, as you can see, the stagefloor is covered in soil, and with water added you can imagine how dirty they get, and how slippery the stage is by the end of the performance. Sigve is the only boy except the two male professional dancers, so he's gotten his share of newscoverage. Here's the whole crew in their costumes- looking pretty cool! Check out the waterfountain coming from that toilet.... Now there are only two nights left- tonight and tomorrow night. It will be kind of sad when it's all over- I've really enjoyed working with all these wonderful kids (and the adults as well), but on the other hand it will be nice to have more time to sew!!! Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

It seems the video is not working, does anyone know what I might be doing wrong???


  1. I had to go down farther to see what this was all about. I've been so bad at looking at all my favorite blogs. It's good, I suppose, since I have been doing other things. I'm glad your son had a good time in the play. Looks like they had fun.

  2. so pleased to see the night went off well.....the scarf you received from Nicolette is beautiful.......


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