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Friday, August 3, 2007

Adding to my stash.

Ok, so I just couldn't resist this kit and these fabrics and I just HAD to order them from the Fat Quarter shop. I just love this line, it's as sweet as can be. I think I will make a baby quilt for a friend who's expecting this winter (Knowing I have plenty of time- I will probably wait until the last minute to start it...)

I have also gotten some of my quiltingstuff into my new sewingroom- most of it is still in boxes in a different room, so it's still tidy and neat ( we all know that won't last long LOL.)

I hope you all have a great weekend! I'm hoping for some nice warm weather!!


  1. Your new fabrics is georgious, not to mention the box!!!! I drove nearby Tynset both ways this summer, but both times too early or too late to drop in your shop. May be another time.

    Enjoy your new sewingroom. I see a new project on the floor :)

  2. Your new sewing room is coming along very nicely. But, gotta ask, what are those ropes hanging down from the ceiling for? Are you doing gymnastics between blocks?

  3. Så koselig du får det på det nye syrommet ditt - gratulerer.

  4. Hey, your sewing room looks so nice! Have much fun and success there! :) And enough time to spend...
    And I also wondered if the ropes are for gymnastics or for decoration :o

  5. Your room looks lovely, I just adore that teeny window to the right of your machine! Thanks for sharing your space.

  6. Congratulations on your new sewing room. I wonder as well about the two ropes! Your siggi block swap is the first I have seen finished. Well done. My blocks are still in their bag but I have an idea with a stitchery in the middle, if only I didn´t need sleep! Take care.

  7. What lovely fabrics and box. Enjoy making something from it in your beautiful sewing room :-)

  8. The new sewing room looks so nice a bright and tidy.

    Is that exercise equipment hanging from the ceiling? I thought it was a rug on the floor but it looks like a table runner or something you are working on? I like the colours in it.

  9. I see why you couldn‘t resist the lunchbox with the fabrics! And your working space looks really well organized! Do you have to pay taxes and clearance for the fabrics from the US? I recently had to pay € 20,- taxes and clearance when my fabrics were delivered from the US. That was quite a disappointment!

  10. Love your new sewing space...especially the natural light...I'm so jealous as I'm stuck in the basement sewing...LOL.

    Just did a Sewing Room Organization Challenge on my blog which might come in handy as you organize your new space...check out the archives for parts 1 - 4:


    With friendship,


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