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Monday, July 30, 2007

Siggie Swap Quilt

I am thrilled to tell you I have finished my Siggie swap quilt. I've been sewing my way down the pile of UFO's, and last week my Siggie blocks appeared... I had a blast sewing them together, and decided the difference in seam allowances just shows we're all different individuals, and I did not trim a single block. Now I will sew on a sleeve, and hang it in my shop for all fellow quilters to see :)
I would like to thank all of you who participated in this swap- your blocks are beautiful! (I've used my own block as a label on the back of the quilt)
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Ciao,
    this Siggy quilt is wonderful.

    I love your bag and the pencil case.

    How BELLISSIMO is your son.

    ciao ciao

  2. Oh this is a wonderful quilt. It looks so beautiful. I am inspired by it to connect the blocks I have and finish them into a wall hanging. Thank you for putting this on your blog!

  3. hi!!!! what wonderfull siggy quilt. but can you tell me who can I make siggy swap?

  4. I love the way you put it together. It looks great. I enjoyed being part of the exchange. I don't find the little differences in the seam allowances are even that noticeable.

  5. It's beautiful, Heidi ! You did a great job with the blocks setting and the borders, and such a bright idea to use your own block as a label !
    Now you give me wings to finish mine, as well!
    To think it will hang in your quilt shop, wth all our names on it...what a thrill !

    Hugs & smiles,

  6. I see my block. Isn't it wonderful how all of the fabrics we used in the blocks go together so well? I can't wait to finish mine.

  7. You did a great job with the siggy blocks. You are way ahead of me. Mine are in a pile in a bag somewhere.

  8. That turned out so nicely! I am sure it will be a very popular conversation starter for everyone who comes in. Maybe all the people who did the swap will come to your shop to be photographed with it!

  9. Your quilt is lovely! Feeling a bit guilty now, not having sewn mine together yet! But seeing yours makes me inspired to start sooooon *lol*

  10. The way you put the siggy blocks together looks great. Now I can't wait to get mine finished.

  11. It looks great. Love the way all the different colours have come together.

  12. Hi!

    I found your blog from a fellow quilter and love your quilting. Just wanted to let you know of a mini-quilt swap I am hosting. We'd love to have you if you are interested. The details are given at the blog link below. If it happens that you are not interested, I'd still appreciate if you could spread the word in the event some of your blog's readers might like to participate. Thanks!


  13. Great Job! Mine are sitting waiting for winter to be sewn together.

  14. Herlig det siggis-teppet ditt! Vil nok komme til sin rett på butikken ja! Klem fra Heidi i Klæbu

  15. Great setting, well done! I love this quilt, it's charming.


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