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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Siggy Swap

Oh joy! The other day I came home from work and found a BIG envelope from Cynthia in my mailbox. The blocks from the Siggy swap had arrived! I am so excited, there are so many beautiful blocks, and it will be a lot of fun making a wall hanging with them. Cynthia and Tracey both have pictures of the blocks nicely laid out in different patterns on their blogs. I'll have to find time to play with mine...
Also, being a regular reader of Cynthias blog, I read her post about the 365 day challenge on Leanne's blog and I am just so easily led into new projects, so of course I HAD to do this one LOL. Yesterday I started cutting fabric, and I have lots of ideas for this quilt. It is a journal quilt where I write one entry every day for a year, and make a lovely quilt with the 365 journal fabric pieces. I will have the kids make a few entries, do some photo transfers, and generally record our lives for one year. I think this will be a great quilt for my grandkids to snuggle under (in about 20 years LOL) and read the entries made many years ago... I will have to make sure I use a fabric marker that doesn't fade! If any of you have suggestions I will be so grateful :)


  1. Hei igjen! Her er mykje nytt for meg! Folk er jo så aktive at det er eit eventyr. Har sete og lese bloggar no ein times tid. Det snøar i dag, og det var ein nedtur..Først vil eg spørje, er det OK at kommentarane kjem på norsk? Eg har vore innom mange fantastiske norske bloggar på lista di, og eg lurer på kvifor det konsekvent blir skrive på engelsk? Kanskje mange norske ikkje tør å kommentere fordi alle kommentarane er på engelsk? Eg synest det er flott at du skriv begge språka for det meste. Sjølv held eg på å overvinne motstanden mot å lese på engelsk. Eg likar engelsk godt, men... Ja, eg bruker bloggar og Elm Creek Quilters i denne terapien. Var innom sida til forfattaren, guri kor flott. Har du kjøpt nokon av mønsterbøkene hennar?

  2. Hi!

    Don't you just love those siggies??? I really look forward to make a quilt with them :o)

    Best of luck on the 365 challenge!!! I do read Leanne Beasley's blog, but I fear I will only be able to keep up on the callenge for about a month - every diary I have ever started lasted for about the first 30 pages... i did read your ideas in the comment section, and I love the thoughts of getting the kids involved :o) look forward to see what you come up with! Take care!

  3. The siggies look wonderful.

  4. i'm so glad you are happy with the Siggy blocks. Have fun playing with them.

    Nice to see you are also going to be doing the 365 Challenge. I have been jotting things down in a small book but i haven't decided on what fabrics to use yet.

  5. on Leanne's blog it was suggested to use Zig 08 Permanent Fabric Marker. Can you find those markers? If not let me know via email.


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