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Friday, April 20, 2007

Career change

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What is she up to now you may ask.... there is nothing evev remotely related to quilting in these pictures. Well, you are right, not yet, but hopefully by June, this empty shop will be overflowing with beautifu quilting fabrics, notions, quiltingsupplies, quilting patterns and books. I have dreamed of owning a quilt shop for years. We have to drive for 2 1/2 hrs to get to the nearest quilt shop, although there is a nice fabric store about one hr. away, but they don't really carry all the patterns and fun stuff we quilters just love LOL. SOOO to make a long story short, I have rented this space right on the "shopping street" of our very tiny town (read village), it is located right in between a hair cutter and a womans clothing store (with great clothes by the way), and the best part (according to the kids); the bakery is two shops down...
I am so excited about this, and next week I will be starting to get all the shelves, tables and get ready to order fabrics and all the inventory, talk about a shopping spree... I can't wait! The one thing still missing is a name for my little shop, so if you have a suggestion...??


  1. Oh, this is such GREAT news ! Congratulations, dear ! I wish you the very, very best in this new way of enjoying life (and you'll sure do !) !
    (Hope we'll soon be able to order to you through the Web ! Can't wait seeing it !)...
    By the way, what a wonderful event to start you Quilting journal !
    Have I dreamd about Quilt Shop names ! (I guess many of us could easily imagine themselves, as Quilt Shop owners !). So, here's my favourite names list :
    "With both Hands"
    "This and That"
    "Pieces of the Heart"
    "The quilting Corner"
    "The busy Bee"
    "Let's piece it together!"
    "The material Girl"
    "With threads and Needles"
    "Let's dream together"
    "So you sew ?...."

    and so many more !...

    All the best !
    Smiles !

  2. Jippi så gøy da!!! Jeg vil ønske lykke til med drømmen du får realisert. Blir gøy å følge med deg! Håper på å få se bilder etterhvert som du jobber med butikken din. Hva er adressen? Prøver å finne ut hvor butikken ligger men klarer ikke helt å se hvor det er! Det er jo noen år siden jeg var på Tynset så det har sikkert blir forandringer der. Skal jeg til Tynset i sommer så kommer jeg garantert innom deg:-)hk

  3. Hei Anne Heidi! Gratulerer med spennede prosjekt! hva med å kalle butikken opp etter siden din; Lappemor :) Det er et så koselig navn.

  4. Wow how fantastic for you! Congratulations on realising your dream. The name is obvious to me - Piece by piece of course.

  5. Wow that is great news. Congrats on getting your own quilting store.

  6. Congratulations on getting your own quilting store. I hope it prospers for you. And what a fabric shopping spree!
    I like Sew and Sew for a name.

  7. Congratulations - that is such exciting news! Best of luck getting your shop ready and I hope it's a huge success for you! I also think your blog name - Piece by Piece - would be perfect for a quilt store!

  8. how exciting! best of luck to you on the new adventure

  9. Anne, that's wonderful news! A new chapter in your life!

    Exciting days ahead!

  10. What wonderful news, and how exciting for you. Do share photo's with us of your progress in stocking the shelves. How about The Village Quilt Shoppe, or Village Quilts?

  11. Gratulerer så mykje! Eg er ikkje i tvil om at du vil lukkast. Stikk ein tur innom når høvet byr seg...

  12. Gratulerer med quiltebutikken!
    Gleder meg til å følge med,og håper du kommer på nett.
    Litt langt å reise til Tynset :D
    Synes navnet Lappemor er ett flott navn til en flott butikk.
    Lykke til!!

  13. Congratulations, you must be so excited.

  14. Høveleg namn: Lappemors quiltestue, BIT FOR BIT.
    Her er det mange som engasjerer seg, spennande!

  15. Congratulation, it's wonderful that a your dream is going to make a reality!!!
    The right name is PIECE BY PIECE.
    Ciao ciao

  16. cxiSå flott! Dette burde det være grunnlag for. Synd at det ikke er mulig å se på bildene i flickr-albumet. Får beskjed om at de er private og at jeg ikke er autorisert til å se på dem. Ville gjerne sett nærmere på butikken din:)
    Lykke til
    Wenche M

  17. Å ja da vet jeg jo hvor butikken din ligger. Skal du selge via nett også?

  18. I thought I'd suggest Piece by Piece, which is a great choice. Looks like many others also are thinking that!

  19. Hi! And once again CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is so much fun, and I wish you all the best!

    Shop names? Well I like the idea of Lappemor, Lappemors hjørne (but it's not a corner??), Lappemors lappekrok, Lappemors quiltekrok, Lapp for lapp... I'll let you know if I think of any more...

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  20. Oh, wonderful for you! Your own quilt store!
    What about "The Little Quilt Shop"?

  21. Congratulations! How exciting to be able to follow your passion. Wishing you many years of happy success with your new endeavor.

  22. Congratulations! What wonderful news that you are realizing your dream, Anne Heidi! Good luck with your new project.

  23. Wow, owning my own quilt shop is something this is brewing inside of me! I'm so glad to read that you are making your dream a reality. Do report on the progress! I'm so excited for you!

  24. Oi....gratulerer. Så ble drømmen din realisert! Så gøy. Jeg kommer garantert opp en tur og kikker. Navn på butikken; tja, jeg synes et eller annet med Lappemor passer bra. Ta et norskt navn. Og husk at jeg er annonsekontakt for NQF hvis du vil ha annonse i bladet vårt :)

  25. That is so awesome! Good luck with your adventures!

  26. Congratulations! Wishing you the very best of luck. I can't wait to read about how it all goes. I just wish I could come and visit your store!


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