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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend fun

What a wonderful weekend. The weather has been perfect, and the snow is finally starting to melt. The roads are bare, and the kids got their bikes out, and they've been riding and playing with all the other kids in the neighbourhood all weekend. Kristine had a soccermatch yesterday, the first one of the season, and it was really nice to watch them play.
We also got all our windows cleaned yesterday, and put up our summer curtains. I don't know if that's a Norwegian "thing", but a lot of us like to change out the curtains as the seasons change. It feels so great to have my colorful kitchen curtains up, and my not so colorful livingroom curtains as well.
As you can see in the pictures we still have quite a bit of snow left, but hopefully within a month it will all be gone ( now why did I ever move from Florida...??)
Kristine and Ola had fun giving the bunnies a bath today, and the bunnies actually seemed to like it!
I've actually had some time to sew as well this weekend. You might remember my Spring Fling Jelly roll I got a while back... well, I finally got around to using it. I only have one more row of blocks to sew, and it will be ready for quilting. The pattern is from me and my sister design, and I just love it; fast and fun, and the fabrics are just so cute. This will be a great quilt to keep on our porch to keep us warm on those not so warm summer nights...


  1. We are finally feeling spring here too. That is one good thing about a long hard winter. You enjoy spring even more.

  2. What a neat idea changing the curtains as the seasons change. Makes sense having lighter ones in the summer and heavier ones in the winter...hmm you've got me thinking :)

  3. Love the collection of pictures. We are starting to cool down here and winter is coming, mind you our winter is nothing like yours.

  4. It's spring and we are all more happy.
    In Italy we don't change the curtains we do only the spring's cleaning.
    Happy quilting. ciao ciao

  5. It might be customary in the US to change curtains for some people but I don't and I don't know anyone who does. It sounds like a great plan though. I went thrifting last week with a friend and I found some lacy curtains that fit my kitchen window and I bought them, washed them and hung them the very next day. They allow the light to filter through but have privacy yet. The curtains I removed were some that I made from quilting fabric in reds and yellows...I loved them when I made them but over time I needed a change. So perhaps it will be a seasonal thing with me for that window at least. I like the way you presented the photo collection. And you say you once lived in Florida? That would make an interesting blog post sometime. :)

  6. Love your photo montage, thanks for sharing; yu have a lovely home. I've never really thought about bathing bunnies! Glad they didn't mind!!

  7. Veldig koseleg fotomontasje. Korleis får du det til? Eg har prøvd collage i picasa, men det blir ikkje fint. Likar stilen din både ute og inne! Svigermor har sommargardiner og vintergardiner, og eg trur det er ganske vanleg. Eg har det ikkje...

  8. Our snow is melted too. Spring MIGHT be here. I actually wore shorts yesterday. The bunnies are so adorable! And the kidlets are darling too! :)

  9. Thanks for sharing your photos. Your home seems to be overlooking quite a view ... will you be showing what it is once all the snow and ice are gone? I've never heard of changing curtains with the seasons, but it's a great idea to change quilts and change curtains too.


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