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Friday, October 7, 2016

Quilting Cafè

This week we have the annual town fair here in Tynset, so last night the shop teamed up with the bakery down the street and hosted a quilting Cafè.  37 quilters from far and near showed up, and we had a lovely time sewing, chatting, eating and drinking coffee.

It was a lot of fun :-)

After we were done at the bakery we had a special sale at our shop for the ladies. As you can see it got a bit crowded :-) I really think we need to do this again next year!  Always a lot of fun to bring quilters together!

This was my project for the evening- Sue Daley's Quatro Colour Quilt.  I am just getting started ( this is my first block....) so it will take a while before it is finished....

My thoughts today are with family and friends on Florida's Space Coast and in Orlando.  I really wish I could zap them all over here to safety as Hurricane Matthew is getting closer and closer to them, and will hit the Barrier Island area today.  This picture is from Cocoa Beach a couple of years ago, now I am afraid to see the damage this monster of a hurricane will do there :-(  
Stay safe my friends!!


  1. What a fabulous idea...... Wished others thought to do this also.....

    Matthew sounds very nasty......

  2. So great idea and looks you have fun.


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