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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Yeey for retreats and birthdays!

A few weeks ago our quilt guild had a weekend retreat, and we had such a fun weekend sewing, eating, laughing and spending time together.  I managed to get two mini quilt tops finished, our guild leader showed us how to make cute little baskets, so of course I made one of those ( she had even cut the batting pieces ready for us :-) And I finally started on "Smitten"  ( yeah I know I am like a year behind everyone else....LOL I am machine piecing, and so far this is the only block I have made- no quick progress here I am afraid....

The Norwegian Quilt Guild has it's annual meet in just two weeks, and since december I have been working on new models for our booth there.  I have made two quilts from patterns by Sherri at a Quilting Life and here are some blocks for the Dream Catcher quilt.  The quilt is finished- I just need to take a god picture of it....

A lot of non quilting stuff has been happening as well. My sweet daughter turned 22 two weeks ago, and I went to visit her in Oslo where she studies, and we went to see the Mary Poppins musical.  Mary Poppins was one of the kid's favorite movies when they were younger ( and it might still be), so we were really excited to see it on stage.

We had front row seats, and got a great view!  "Mary Poppins- Practically perfect in every way"

Mary and Bert. The actors were really good!  

On top of the roof with the chimney sweep

This is Sigve's favorite dance scene ever form any movie- the Chimney sweeps dancing on the rooftops.  They did a great job on stage as well!

The bird woman portrayed by Mari Maurstad- a great actor!
Such a great show, and in September we're going to see Singing' in the rain- Can't wait for that!

I really need to catch up on my blog reading, Maybe I need to set a specific time each day to blog and read blogs... I seem to never have time for blogging anymore, any suggestions out there?
Hope you all have a great day!  It looks like I have to do a few laundry loads before heading outside for a walk/run- then I can go to my sewing room and play, yeeey!


  1. Hello my sweet friend, thanks for the visit in blogland. We sure do miss you. It is so hard to imagine the kids so grown up. Mary Poppins is one of or very favorites here too. Just took Faith to find her Prom dress and she did Yea!!!. I love the blocks your working on. Going in June to Katie's graduation(Claude's daughter). He is being reassigned to the Pentagon this summer and that is a lot closer than Wy. All is well here. Miss you all. Hugs, Marie

    1. Love your two mini finishes Anne Heidi and how wonderful it would have been to see Mary Poppins - a favourite of everyone I'm sure

  2. Mary Poppins -- How Fun! I loved that book and movie when I was a kid. And I love those cute smitten blocks!


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