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Thursday, September 3, 2015

On the move

Hello again- sorry I've been gone for a while.  We have been moving the shop- and it has been a few weeks of painting, packing and moving...

We did know we had a bunch of stuff to move- so we moved the quilting part of the shop first- The "Lappemor" department.  We were lucky to have great helpers from the quilt guild help carry all the bolts of fabric downstairs...

Here are some of the bolts- ready to be carried downstairs....

Then I needed to figure out where to put everything.... It took a few evenings and days!

Yesterday was our first day at the new location, and even if we're not quite finished with everything, we are thrilled to have our "new" shop open.

This is the Lappemor part of the shop, and we also have all our bunad fabrics here. A Bunad is the traditional costume in Norway, and every area has a different Bunad.

So now you know what I have been doing the last few weeks....



  1. Hei.
    Så fint det ble hos dere :-)

  2. Congratulations. Your new shop looks lovely and bright. Would love to be able to visit it one day-- when I do get to Norway.

  3. Love the colorful new shop and I wish you much love and success. Hugs, Marie

  4. Oh, it is so lovely; how I wish I could stop by for a visit and shopping. Best wishes for much success in your new location!

  5. Oh that is wonderful goodluck...........I am sure you will make it another wonderful quilt shop..........


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