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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

I am going to start the new blogyear with a picture of my husband Svein wearing the mittens I showed you "pre felting" a couple of posts back.  After felting them in the washingmachine they came out the perfect size for him. No more cold hands for him this winter I hope!

Right before Christmas Svein helped me make a table lamp out of a "Norway Jar". These Jars are like the Ball Mason Jars, except they say "Norge", and they are round.  They have been out of production for many years, but Hadeland Glassverk just relaunched them ( at a high price...)  I have a few of these from my Grandmother, and I wanted to make a nice lamp, and Svein drilled the holes in the top glass ( unlike Mason Jars the lid on the top is also glass), and close to the bottom for the cord to go through.  Now I just need to get a new lampshade, the one I have on there is from a different lamp until I find one I like.

I managed to sew a bit during Christmas as well, two bags from the same pattern: the "Byebye love" bag by designer Sarah Lawson The blue parts above are for the smaller bag

And the fun cartoon fabric I've been waiting to cut into will be the larger size bag.  
We are starting a "Bag club" at the shop this year, and this bag will be the January bag.  I can't wait to see the fabrics the other ladies have chosen for their bags!
Hope you're off to a great new year, thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like the jar lamp. Old thread spools would look good in it.

  2. Happy New Year Anne Heidi! Those mittens turned out perfectly -- just this morning I was debating whether I should knit some mittens or quilt some - hmmmm. I love your sweet little lamp and it looks like you'll be having lots of fun this year making bags. I LOVE that cute cartoon fabric!


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