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Monday, November 24, 2014

A new ruler to play with.

I have a new ruler, the Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ruler, and it is so much fun to use!!!  I was demonstrating it at the quilt guild the other night, so I thought I'd tell you all about it as well.

The pictures just show a little of how you use the ruler when you make the star points for the Hunter's Star.  Now in my last post I said I would use my NEW fabrics first, and not my older ones, but I failed already.... All the red and cream fabrics I am using in these blocks are from my old stash.... ( Now I can actually close the drawer with red fabrics again :-) )
The ruler makes it really easy to sew the star points to the trapezoid, and you use your regular ruler to trim pthe bits when they are sewn together.

Here is a block almost finished- I just need to trim it down using the Hunter's star ruler!
This is the layout I am using, these haven't been sewn together or trimmed yet, ( well, now they are, but not when I photographed them...)

I've knittesd this weekend as well, winter is here (or it should be), and more mittens need to be made.  Look how huge these are before I threw them in the washinmachine to get felted.

I just hope they are a lot smaller when the wash is done!  I will show you the result :-)
Well folks, that's what I've been up to- oh, and I've mailed off my SSCS package to someone far far away!  I hope it gets there in time for Christmas!
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  1. Love that Star, looks like I need that ruler so I can get busy too. You have been a busy lady! Hugs to all the family. Marie

  2. Lekker stjerne! Hmmm....kanskje enda en "må-ha" linjal. Har sydd Hunter Star teppe for mange år siden, uten linjalen, men ser jo at det går raskere med den.

  3. Wow -- that looks like an interesting ruler you're using. I love the star pattern and it looks like the ruler would make it much easier to make. I can't wait to see the finished mittens -- I've always wondered how you can felt and get things to fit just right!


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