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Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend sewing

As promised- here is my weekend sewing :-)  A new toiletry bag from a new Bente Malm pattern. It's not finished yet- I still have to make the lining and zipper closure. You can see the pattern here. It's a great size, and the pattern also includes an adorable makeup bag, so I might just have to make that one as well...  Another bag I REALLY want to make is the Ultimate Camera Bag from Serendipity Studio.  I've had the booklet with the pattern for a couple of years now I think, but it looks a bit complicated so I have just put it off....  Anyone else out there who has made it?  The booklet is called "Media Frenzy"

I don't think I have posted this wallhanging yet, at least not finished!  I did notice the other day though I forgot to add three buttons at the bottom.... But they can be added later!  For those of you who doens't understand Norwegian, it says:
"This place is clean enough to keep you healthy and messy enough to keep you happy!"
It fits our house perfectly!


  1. lovely sewing..........oh I like that saying.................

  2. My mother-in-law had that saying hanging at her house and I always had to laugh -- 'cause her house was so meticulously clean and there wasn't much messy to keep you happy. I think she was wishing she could have been a little less rigid LOL. That camera bag looks really cool -- I'll be looking for it on your blog! ;-D


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