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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Progress on my sewing folder

This past week I have been trying to do a little stitching every evening on my project from last weekend.  I have managed to finish two of the pocketfronts- yeey!  The top one with the bird has "Needle parking" on the bottom where the wool squares are.  Ann had made the text for us on transfer paper, so I could just iron it to my ribbon.  Pretty cute I think :-)

This will be the front of the folder.  Looking at the picture the stitched needles are a liitle light, but they show up a lot better in real life.  I have to start working on the 1/2" hexagons for the next pocket now, but I really have to do a bit of quick sewing first.... I miss my sewingmachine doing all the handwork- but then I really enjoy the handsewing as well.... Guess I want the best of both worlds.  I'll be back to show you the weekend sewing tomorrow!  Dear husband and mr.17 has been in the Alps for a week for pre season training, so Mr. 15 and I have had a blast "Home alone"  LOL.  What can I say- the TV has been on twice I think, and lots of sewing/ cleaning and listening to music. 


  1. It is so cute.
    Looking forward to see more.

  2. Very cute! I love the fabrics for the thread on the spools -- and that cute twine look for the thread!!!


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