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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wedding week

This has been such a fun summer.  My brother got married last Saturday, and the whole family spent a week in Isfjorden where he and his fiancè ( now wife) live, helping them get everything ready for their big day.
Before the wedding we had lovely sun filled days, and we even got to learn a new skill ( well some of the kids did....) 

One day my brother, his wife's sister, my husband Svein and our son Sigve walked  " Romsdalseggen"

Another evening all of us hiked up to "Oksen" where the view was awesome!!! Here is Kristine and Ola on the way up.

Ola is enjoying the view....

Finally at the top!  Svein and Sigve ran up, so they were at the top a looong time before us....
On top of the world!
I was busy videotaping on the big day, but Kristine got a few shots of the happy couple after the ceremony.

Of course I had to make a quilt for my brother and sister-in-law.  They love to climb mountains, and they have this project they call 19 summits; They are hiking/climbing the highest mountain in each of Norway's 19 counties.  They have done 17, only 2 to go, so I made a quilt with pictures of them on all the mountains they have been on, and added stock photos of the two they are missing, so I can just appliquè those pictures over the stock photos when they have been there. 
I also made the pillow for the ring bearer. The text I stitched is " Og de levde lykkelig i alle sine dager..." ( and they lived happily ever after....)

Kristine was busy for two days making their wedding cake
And it turned out beautiful!! 1st and 3rd tier is vanilla cake, 2nd tier is chocolate cake, and 4th tier is carrot cake.  
 They really loved the cake toppers we got them. The bride has reached the top while the groom is still climbing.  We thought it was very fitting, since the bride has been on 4 of the 7 summits! ( and the groom on one...)

After the dinner and coffe there was a great barn dance!
  Thank you so much for a lovely day, and I am sure you really will live "happily ever after"  You two were made for each other!


  1. What a beautiful family you have, all is so wonderful,love the pictures! Kristine did a great job on the cake and love everything you posted. Can't wait to have you visit next summer. Until then many hugs, Marie

  2. It sounds like a perfect family wedding, so lovely that you could all help in the preparations. Stunning views on your hikes.

  3. What a fun week! (I'm having a lovely catch-up of your blog.)

    I LOVE the quilt. What a great idea to prep the quilt for the two blocks to be done later. And the pillow is just beautiful!


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