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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Sunday was such a beautiful day, we decided to go to the cabin to pick blueberries and cloudberries.  Svein and Ola stayed further down by the cabin to pick blueberries while Kristine and I went a little higher up to see if there was any cloudberries left....

Lots of people had been there before us it seemed, since there was very little left for us to pick...

But we did find a little bit.  Enough for a cloudberry mousse, and a jar of cloudberry jam :-)

But the guys did find a lot of blueberries!  Ola starts 9th grade in a couple of weeks, and Food & Health is a mandatory class for all 9th graders in Norway.  They learn to plan meals, nutrition, and how to cook and bake.  One of the first things they do is to make jam and jellies, and they all have to bring 1.5 kg ( about 3lbs) of berries for class.  Now Ola's berries are in the freezer, ready to go when school starts :-)  ( nothing like doing your homework before school starts up again  LOL)  We did have blueberries left over, so I made blueberry jam as well, and we had lovely crepes with blueberry jam for dinner last night :-)

Kristine taking a break.... She's off to the University of Oslo now, where she'll be majoring in Geology. She and I are going down there tomorrow with the last load of her things for her student apartment.  We were there last week for two days as well, along with Svein (DH) and Ola, doing the IKEA errands getting all the BIG stuff, like a bed and a desk. Now there are only a few little things we need to get.  Then we'll be doing some sight seeing and probably some more shopping....

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun in the cooking department. I know you and Kristine had fun doing the college thing, hard to believe she is going away to school., but even harder to see our young ones in 9th grade. Faith is ready for it to begin ! have a wonderful week Hugs, Marie


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