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Thursday, December 6, 2012

SSCS received

Yeeeey! My other SSCS parcel arrived yesterday!  This one was from Kate .
She sent me three gifts... and one said to open and enjoy right away- so I did :-)

Very yummy Tim Tam's.... Thank you Kate- they are delicious!

Then I opened the ornament package- and look at this lovely angel ornament!  It is so cute!!!!
Thank you so much Kate!  The last present is safely hidden until Christmas- just counting the days now :-)

The SSCS parcels I sent to Australia has both safely arrived at Susan's and Anthea's houses.  I am so happy they didn't get lost in the mail or anything like that....
Thank you for stopping by- have a great day!


  1. Sweet little angel ornament. Double fun for Christmas Day.

  2. woohoo..........lovely bundle...........enjoy your parcels..........

  3. Gorgeous Angel....lucky Susan and Anthea to get parcels from you!...I put the Christmas Tree up today (finally, yesterday I actually managed to go shopping and start the presents!) so I get to enjoy your gorgeous knitted bauble again :)


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