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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New project and a bit of tidying up.....

Somehow- during summer my worktable has ended up looking like this..... such a MESS! Lots of fabrics, book, patterns, notions and on and on just piled up waiting for me to use it.....

And in frustration I ignored the mess and stitched!  LOL.  No need for my worktable when I was stitching!  This is a Crab apple hill pattern. You can find it here on our webshop. It was such a fun stitcery to stitch!
But of course I couldn't ignore my worktable for long- now it is all cleaned up, and I have cut tumblers to make a tablerunner.  Now I have to admit I enjoy spending time in my sewingroom a lot more when it is nice and tidy :-)
I have even started another new project.... We got this lovely fabric line in at the shop yesterday- Little black dress from Moda- it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as you can see- I am catching up on my blogroll while I'm sewing (and drinking my coffee....)  
Well- I better keep sewing those blocks, thanks for stopping by! (who knows- maybe my Secret Santa even reads this......)  Oh I just love the Secret Santa Swap!!!


  1. Your work table is a very busy place! Your stitchery is one that I have been meaning to make. It's so cute. Love seeing your new projects:)

  2. I do love that stitchery........now how am I going to get a pattern???
    So glad your loving the SSCS...........you have been a fantastic participant every year..........

  3. I think that particular mess happens to us all, and it is so good after we stop to clean it up. Lovely stitchery.

  4. Love your stitchery and your work table!!! That new line of Moda is so pretty. Speaking of cleaning up my work table is calling!

  5. That 'mess' is tidy compared to my area. I love the stitchery.

  6. That is such a lovely stitchery pattern...mmmm, may have to put that on my wish list, like I need any more projects! *LOL*...I have to stop and tidy up when my space gets messy like that as like you I enjoy the space much more when the clutter is tamed...


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