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Monday, August 27, 2012


The last weekend before school started again our extended family went on a hike up to Glittertind, Norway's 2nd highest mountain (Actually it is the highest when you include the massive snowcap on top of it.)  We started out at Glitterheim, where we stayed for the weekend. 

Sigve and Ola had fun adding on to the cairns along the route.  They had a lot of rocks to use as you can see....

My dad, mom, Kristine, my aunt and my husband- up in the clouds....

Kristine (my daughter) and me at the top.  Unfortunately it was cloudy, so we couldn't see anything :-(

And on our way back down we met a flock of reindeer- I wonder where Santa was..... Couldn't be too far away!
Talking about Santa- I have added a new logo on the left side of my blog- can you see it?  I am soooo excited!!!!!!!
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  1. It's so nice to see snow. We still have heat and humidity and it's not much fun being outside.

  2. oh a great achievement but so sad it was cloudy when you got to the top and didn't get to enjoy the view.........

  3. Looks like a great hike, and so much fun in a group. Santa would really fit into that scene.

  4. Looks fabulous...what a great hike to do!

  5. So happy to see some more family pictures! We all miss you guys. Love the snow . I see you hae the 2012 up is that the new swap or is it the scret santa? School is in and they had the first varsity game Saturdaynight and Faith cheerred for it, can't believe she is cheering for VARSITY! Will send some pictures when I get the new ones. love to all, Marie and family


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