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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not the week I had planned

This has been a very different week for us.  Monday I took Ola to the doctor- he had a fever last week, and a stuffy nose, so we thought he had the flu. The fever went away by last Sunday, but his nose was still stuffed, and when I tried to see what was going on up there it was all swollen... So, like I said Monday morning we were off to see his doctor. (a little extra background information; two days before his fever he was downhill skiing, and had a bad fall), well, she saw something was wrong, and called down to the hospital in Elverum, 2 1/2 hours drive away, where they have ear/nose/throat specialists. They told us to come right away so they could check out what was going on. So off we drove... Then in Elverum we got to see a doctor right away- he looked in Ola's nose- then left the room for a minute, and came back with three other doctors.  This was apparently not something they saw on a regular basis, so everyone wanted to see...  By this time I was getting a bit worried, and they told me he definetely needed surgery..... He had hit his nose so hard in the fall, the inner nose wall (the wall that divides our nostrils) had broken, or was out of place.  So I thought OK, they need to get it back in place, and get the swelling down- that doesn't sound too bad.  Then they tell me that when this happens, and the cartilage is separated from the mucous membrane, the cartilage will decompose pretty quickly, and in Ola's case most likely there was no wall left. What they needed to do was to do the surgery, and if the wall was gone, they would take cartilage from his ear and transplant into his nose to build a new wall.
To make a long story a little bit shorter- Ola was admitted to the hospital and put on intravenous antibiotics right away, to get the infection down, then on Wednesday they had gotten the swelling down enough for his surgery.  They ended up building a new wall with cartilage from his left ear, and everything looks good so far. He was released this afternoon, and it feels so good to be back home.  I got to stay in the hospital with him the whole time, and all the nurses and doctors were just wonderful!
I am still amazed Ola didn't complain about his nose in the days after his fall- it must have hurt- especially when it started to swell on the inside.  But since the rest of us had colds, and Svein had a fever the week before, we didn't think it was anything else wrong with Ola. He still says his nose didn't hurt (until after the surgery...). But next time one of the kids have a fall- we are going straight to the doctor- just to make sure....

By the way- the picture is from October- waaay before his "nose job"


  1. Point taken! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    1. Wow! I sure hope he will have a good and speedy recovery. You never know, do you?!

  2. Bra at de fant ut sv det, tross alt. Fortsatt god bedring!

  3. Please give our love to Ola and hope he will heal very quickly. Love to all, Marie and Faith

  4. Hope Ola is recovering well, as well as yourself. Must have been a very nervewracking experience for you. Although it sounds like Ola is a very brave, uncomplaining young man. What an unusual condition to get. Good luck and health for a speedy successful recovery.

  5. Aww - poor Ola ! Hope he gets better really quickly. Kids - whoever of us knew there'd be so much worry ? xx

  6. Poor Ola, glad it was found and that he is recovering, best wishes from down under

  7. Wishing Ola a quick recovery, and my thoughts are also with mum and dad who have had to go through all that with Ola as well. Sometimes it is harder looking on when something like this happens to our children.
    Best wishes.

  8. O my goodness, poor Ola! It is good that he has been "repaired" and is on his way now to recovery. Take good care of both of you!!!

  9. Wow what a trooper!...Sounds like Ola has been very brave!

    Hope his recovery goes well and that it all heals up soon.


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