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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Annual meeting in Bergen

This past weekend was the Norwegian quilt association's annual meeting in Bergen. 
We filled the car (my husband's big work car) with samples, fabrics and patterns, and drove the 733 km over the mountains.....
Here is our booth Friday morning.

After a few hours it came together pretty nice.  Between the three of us we set it up pretty quick, and we even had time for lunch before the shop area was open for business.
I was so happy that my Some kind of Wonderful quilt was finished, you can see it on the back wall here.

Here is the view as you walk up to our booth, I think this is right before we finished setting up.
Doesn't this old backpack filled with fabric look nice?

A closer look
And this is the other corner of the booth.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures :-)
We had so many lovely customers this weekend, and on our way home we started planning next year- this is always such a fun weekend! 

Our trip home from Bergen is a story on its own- due to bad weather conditions over the Hardangervidda mountains we had to drive in a convoy.  One of the cars got stuck in a snowbank, and the whole convoy got stuck on the mountain for a couple of hours until they could clear enough snow away so we could turn around and drive back down.  We reached the closest town at 3 am and found a hotel so we could get some sleep. The next morning we found a different route home, since the mountain pass was still closed due to severe weather conditions.  When we came home monday night we had driven over 940 km. from Bergen and home- and spent 21 hours in the car in two days.  Now it feels great to be home!!!!!


  1. A very nice stand. A beautiful quilts. I'm glad you enjoyed the meeting and arrived home safely after the difficulties. A hug.

  2. Eg var ei av dei som var innom standen din. Den var flott, og det same var some kind of wonderful. Kjekt å sjå den live. Kjekt at du tok turen. Klem Jofrid

  3. Wow that trip sounds epic! Glad the show went well and that you made it home safely!

  4. You will be happy to be out of the car and home. Your stand looks wonderful - wish i could have dropped in!

  5. glad the show went well.............the quilt looks great hanging in your display..........

  6. Goodness, what an ordeal. Your booth looks perfect, wish I could have *poof* been there in person!

    Love the look of your blog, it's so pretty and fresh!

  7. Glad to hear you got home safe.

  8. The booth looks wonderful, and your quilt is spectacular. I can't believe the weather you folks had this year. By contrast, our part of Canada had almost no snow all winter. Glad to hear you finally made it home safely!


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