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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Summer challenge revealed

I showed you the fabrics for our Quilt Guild's summer challenge a couple of posts ago, and now I can show you what I made with the fabrics I received.

The theme was "Out and about" or "traveling" And since I always bring my camera with me I thought I'd make myself a new camerastrap.  The old one was a "normal" Canon strap.... Boring...... I am happy with my new one- and I got to try it out in Rome :-)
Today I quilted and sewed the binding onto the "froggy runner". I had most of the day off, and even had the house to myself, so I cleaned up my sewingroom a bit and finished the runner and some secret SSCS sewing.... Sorry- no sneak peeks!

I also went shopping for a light for my sewingroom window- Ola liked it and said it looked like Christmas in there now..... I think he may be right about that!

And on our way to Trondheim the other day it looked like Christmas is coming soon as well. When it stopped snowing for a few minutes (before the rain started) and the sun came out it looked really pretty.  Kristine took the picture out of the windshield.... 


  1. nice camera strap.........love your snow pic........evern if it may be a little too early for you.........it is so pretty for someone who never see's snow............

  2. Kristine is quite the photographer, I guess she takes after her mother!
    Beautiful photo.

  3. Love the new camera strap. I just made one for myself too I just love that it doesn't scream "CANON" to everyone :o)

    That picture taken on the road is so pretty...can Christmas really be right around the corner?


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