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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stitch along

So that Italian ice cream did help me in selecting fabrics for my "Some kind if wonderful" quilt! Here are some of the fabrics I have pulled so far.

They might not look like Ice cream cones yet- but this is block one... I might use buttons on top of the icecream cones instead of appliquèing the small dot. So happy to have (almost) started this pretty quilt!

We got some new fun fabrics in at the shop- and I just had to make a small tablerunner¨.... just for fun- love those little frogs! I'll take a better picture when it's all finished!
Now I'm off to the Fjellquilten quilt meeting- And twirling practice- both in one night..... multitasking!!



  1. first start I see on the SAL......well done......

  2. Gelato yum! Nice fabric selection so far. Love the frog fabric, so happy. Your time in Rome looks wonderful, happy birthdays to you and your dad!

  3. Love the cones!! Just took a class from Laurie Shifrin, it was the Mango tango quilt and was curve piecing at the Quilt Shop. What a fun class ,she is really funny and a fun teacher. I like your ew blog template. Love to all. Hugs, Marie


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