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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A new jewelry box

I finished this cute little jewelry box over the weekend, I had started the stithery a while back, and decided it was about time I finished it up.  The box was surprisingly easy to sew- it went together like a dream!
The pattern is called Birdsong Jewelry Box and is from Hatched and Patched.
Today I have the day off, and I hope to get some sewing done, but first I really should get some work done around the house.  I've occupied the diningroom table with scrapbookstuff and last years vacation pictures for the last few days- so I really should get the album finished so we're able to have dinner there tonight.... 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Jeg har dette mønsteret liggende, så når du sier at det var lett å sy sammen boksen, så tror jeg nesten at jeg skal begynne på den :)

  2. I have this project to finish..........pretty isn't it........

  3. What a wonderful finish! Love your jewelry box!

  4. Hei ..
    Så flott den ble :-)
    Mønstret ligger her også - tror nok det må bli boks på meg også no :-))
    Lurer på om jeg rekker det før "lørdag klokken 3" ( eller MB :-))

  5. Nydelig boks du har sydd :-)

  6. Oh this is adorable! Hope you had a nice day off and managed some sewing.

  7. Nydelig boks som absolutt fortjente å bli ferdig!

  8. Lovely. I have just finished reading Anni's new book ... love all her designs.

  9. The box does not look like it would be easy to sew but you did a good job with it.
    The space shuttle launched about 1/2 hour ago but we could not see it. Too many clouds.


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