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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hello there

I better write a new post... The last one says "Happy Easter"- And Easter is definately over by now!
We had a great Easter at the cabin, even though by the end of our stay most of the snow had vanished!

So instead of waxing our skis, Svein DEwaxed them, and got them ready for next winter.

My mom had made new placemats for the cabin- they are really nice! She made nine of these- so there was one for everybody who stayed there.

Today I am quilting this tabletopper- we started out watching Sigve's soccergame this morning- and had a nice long walk to and from the soccerfield- so now I can stay in my sewingroom and not feel bad the rest of the day- or at least until dinner has to be made LOL.
Have a great week everyone!


  1. The placemats are really cute, I sorta miss all my rooster things in my kitchen but I have changed it to wines etc. Glad you had a good time. Tell the kids hi for us and we sure do thinkyou alloften. I treasure your visits!!Hugs, Marie


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