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Saturday, July 3, 2010

What to work on???

I have so many projects going on, it is not easy to decide which ones to work on.... On my little table next to my "good" chair in the livingroom you can always find at least four different things to work on....
And I know I am SUPPOSED to be working on those Christmas presents.  I know some of the projects I have already started will end up as Christmas presents, but I am supposed to start something new I think....
And in my sewingroom there are more projects.... A Barcelona skirt is cut- ready to sew, I just need the zipper (and a new zipperfoot now after reading Cardygirl's post...)

I finished this top a little while back, but it needs quilting.  I LOVE this Gail Pan pattern- so cute!! Oh and it reminds me I have another little quilt- Roly Poly Santas ready to be quilted as well....

Block two of "Le Jardin" from Bunny Hill is finished

And block three just needs a whole lot of french knots in the star centers.  I am really enjoying hand appliqè, and I will start block four right away. 
Now we are off to the cabin, and I am bringing some knitting and block three to do those french knots.
Have a great 4th of July!!!!


  1. You do have a bit of a dilemna trying to decide what project to work on. You are like me with many to choose from. The Bunny Hill pattern blocks look so good. I say work on that.

  2. Hey there, Faith is so excited that when I called her I could almost hear her at my house which a few blocks away. I will be so happy to see you again and shop and just anything girlfriend!! Keep me posted. What is the time frame where you are compared to here? Can you send me your phone number at home via e-mail? Thanks. See you in October!!!!HUgs, Marie

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  4. I understand the dilemma when you have many projects competing for finishing time. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  5. lots happening at your place............enjoy your sewing.....

  6. Gorgeous projects...love that French General!

  7. What fun to have so many from which to decide...all so pretty. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  8. Beautiful blocks. The Rouenerries fabric is perfect for them.


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