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Monday, July 12, 2010

Early Christmaspresents!!!

I am in such a "finishing up" mood these days.... I emptied one of my boxes of WISP's on the floor, and decided it all STAYS on the floor until it is finished!!! No more hiding away in boxes LOL.
I had started to stitch one of these pincushions a while back, and wanted to make them all- thy are just so cute!  The pattern is from Leanne's House and is called "Sarah's Pincushions".  I finished the stitcheries the other day, and finished them up while watching the soccergame on tv last night.  I'll keep one for myself, the rest will be Christmaspresents.

Ooops what is this??? Could it be the 2008 Designer mystery BOM from FQS?? Oh no... Oh YES it is!!!

After two busy mornings and evenings while the rest of the family were at the cabin enjoying a few days of family fun the top is DONE!  I am so pleased, and hope to finish it sometime this summer.  I think it will be a great quilt for one of the beds at the cabin. 

Here is my next item to finish... Gail's pattern "Laila's garden" which I started in September while attending the class with Gail and Leanne in Trondheim.  These are all hand appliquè, which as you might remember I am really starting to enjoy. 

So since it is summer I just wanted to add a couple of pictures of Sigve from our hike last Sunday.  Isn't this the coolest tree??
I wonder how old it is....
Have a great week everyone, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. You have lots of projects in the works. The BOM turned out very good!

  2. Love your projects,the quilt is really lovely and looks great for the cabin. Counting down till you get here, Hugs, Marie

  3. oh I must get my pincushions finished........
    and that BOM is calling my name too.........I only have one or 2 blocks to finish............must get it done........

  4. WOW you've been busy.Those pincushions are just beautiful. Honestly they are so pretty.
    I need to start that BOM too. Mine is still all packed up. lolol Out of sight.

  5. Your pincushions are so adorable!

  6. Så flink du er som gjer ferdig ting!


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