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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter at the cabin

Happy Easter!
Well, I guess Easter is almost over now.  We've been at the cabin with my parents and my brother, and we had such a wonderful time.  Lots of skiing and playing in the snow.
The Easter wreth hangs on the cabin door, my mom made it a few years ago.
In between skiing Kristine was practicing her driving skills.  In Norway you can get your licence when you're 18, but you can start practicing at 16. She's doing great, and she loves to drive! Her big dream is to get a VW beetle when she gets her licence.
 Yesterday we saw a lot of reindeer while we were skiing.  First we saw this small herd of about 25 reindeer, then a little later we saw a huge herd of several hundred animals up in the mountain- such a great sight!

 The mountains are just beautiful in the sunshine!
I really haven't done much knitting or stitching , but I will be back with some quilty stuff soon!
Hope your Easter was great as well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. YOUr country is so pretty. Your daughter looks right at home behind the wheel of the car.After a bout with the "crud" I hope to begin some stitching. My big thing right now is to put pics in albums. Hugs, Marie


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