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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scrap booking

Do you remember my New Year Resolution?? I said I was going to take more pictures of the kids this year.  Now I have jumped head first into digital scrapbooking, and my day off today has been spent in front of the computer trying to figure this stuff out.... Not a wonderful page, but it is a start, and I hope I'll learn a few tricks along the way.  Did you know there are lots of scrapbooking websites as well?? With lots of pretty pages, trims and cute stuff to buy and download right away- oh no I think I am hooked.....

And would you look at this wonderful parcel that was in my mailbox.... Carey was a sweetheart and sent me her pattern and the fabrics she did not use for putting together my Fat Quarter shop designer BOM from 2008!  I am in heaven!!! Thank you so much Carey, you are an angel!
Now I really need to get off this computer and do some stitching on my Faeirytale bom- I need to stay focused, right??

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  1. digital scrapbooking is a lot less messy than the cut and paste kind...I like both actually!
    last I checked there were all sorts of images online...it's a great resource...you're well on your way!

    keep up the photo taking...the kids just grow up way too fast...i tend to take 'way too many' pictures of them than i know what to do with...



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