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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Girls night home

This weekend Kini and I have been "home alone". Svein and the boys are away at the cross country skiing regional championships where the boys had races yesterday and today.  So Kini and I have been enjoying the house all to ourselves.... Stitching and watching tv....
Kini loves to draw, and for a school project she has designed a quilt with some stitcheries, so last night she started on the first stitchery. I'll keep you updated, but I think this will be a very pretty quilt :-)

Now for myself I have been good and concentrated on my Fairytale quilt.  I have sewn all the Ninepatches, and all the frames for the stitcheries.  Now the frames need to be appliqued onto the stitcheries, and the 9 patch blocks go in between the stitchery blocks.  I finished the Sleeping Beauty block, but I am still two blocks behind... so I better keep stitching...
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  1. Having some girls' time sounds like fun and sounds like you all are enjoying all your projects. It's nice having some special time like this.

  2. Love girls time especially with
    Faith.Your coming along on your quilt very well and can't wait to see it. Will be looking forward to hearing more about Kristines quilt too. Hope t he boys did well and had fun.Hugs, Marie

  3. Well done, nothing like GIRL POWER! I look forward to seeing both yours and Kini's completed projects.

  4. ice to have some girl time! Looks like you had fun.

  5. your stitcherys look so great.


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