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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy birthday!

Tomorrow, on February 13th is our sweet daughter's 16th birthday!
I am so blessed to be her mother, she is such a sweetheart and I am so very proud of her- we all are!
Monday morning she flew all the way to Texas to spend time with her dad and stepmother- she was so excited to go, and I know they are having a great time together.  I know her daddy and mutti have planned a few surprises for her, so she'll be staying busy while she's there.  For the first time she flew without any assistance at all, and she did great-She had to change planes in Amsterdam, and she found her new gate and did it all by herself- I am just so proud of my big girl!
I am planning on staying busy tomorrow though- it is the first time I am not spending her birthday with her....
So Kristine- Happy birthday, have a wonderful day- I love to to pieces!


  1. happy birthday to your beautiful girl.....

  2. Happy Birthday Kristine! I will be thing of you Anne as I am sure it will be a long day for you. She is a beautiful young women and you deserve to be so proud.Hugs, Marie

  3. Belated happy birthday, Kristine!

  4. Hope your daughter had an amazing birthday! They grow up way too fast - my son turns 16 in a few months time.


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