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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday night sew in

Friday Night Sew In is over for tonight- it is now midnight, and I have managed to finish the applique on the borders of the fairytale quilt.  As you can see there are two stitcheries missing in the bottom row.  The last pattern arrived at the shop today, and I still have a bit left on January's stitchery.  I am so happy to have the borders finished though.  I have a week off for winter break with the kids starting Monday, so I hope to get some stitching done next week :-)
Of course I had to watch some TV as well tonight- the Olymics are on, and a local girl- Therese Johaug was in the cross country race- she did great, and came in 6th :-)  And to top it off, Norwegian skier Marit Bjoergen won the gold, and Kristin Stoermer Steira came in 4th- Congratulations to all of you!!!
And of course Congratulations to Gold medalist Aksel Lund Svindal who won the men's super-G tonight!
While watching tv I had some knitting to do- my sweet brother's stockings for his bunad- the national costume.  Poor guy, he's been waiting for these for a couple of years now- I really need to get them done!
As you can see I am getting there.... The heels are done, only the rest left now....
There are just so many temptations from new quiltpatterns, knittingpatterns and lovely sock yarn like this at the shop...
Well I am off to bed, work tomorrow, and then I am heading to the cabin where the boys are.  A week off will be great!
I leave you with a picture from last Sunday when horses going to a traditional county fair in Røros travelled by the shop.... They travel "old style" for two- three days to get there- looks like fun!
Thank you for stopping by, and have a great week!


  1. Your flooring looks like brown fabric when you look at those ovals missing their stitcheries!

  2. Håller med..alldeles för många frestelser..:o) Härliga garn och sockorna ser helt underbara ut.. Grattis Norge till alla guld... :o))

  3. I've been a bit behind in reading and keeping up with you blog for a few days...so here's a belated HB wish to your precious daughter, and to say that I love the photos and the posts. Miss you!

  4. I love yoru fairy tale quilt so very much...wondering where you found the pattern? I am enjoying the Olympics too, so much fun. Stay warm and toasty!

  5. looking good...........hope you get the other stitcheries done very soon........


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