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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting ready for winter....

Living in one of the coldest places in Norway you need to prepare for winter in time. All the sudden it's there, and you definately want those winter clothes to be ready, so I've started knitting some new mittens and socks. Now I have put these in a "safe place" so I can be sure to find them when it gets cold!

Well, it is not winter yet, and somebody knows to enjoy the nice weather....

Kristine is enjoying her new porch, she's been living out here since the weekend when it was finished, I think it turned out really nice. Her hallway is done as well, I will take some pictures and post later.
Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it- Now I'm off to check out the blog of my "Secret angel" recepient... could it be yours???
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love your knitting...but I think you will need it before too much longer!

  2. Stunning mittens! I love your back porch. It looks like a wonderfully peaceful place.

  3. Those socks are pretty but the mittens are just stunning! Hopefully you won't need them all that soon. We just added some chairs from Norway to our new entertainment room, they make me think of you. ;)

    Word verification: "winess"

    ...she who welcomes you at the door with a glass of wine in hand...

  4. Such pretty blue socks for the cold days that will come. I hope one day I can knit socks but I'm still learning simpler tasks.

  5. Hope you have a little more summer, looks like someone is enjoying the porch and nice weather. Such pretty things for winter...wish I could knit!

  6. Your porch addition looks like a relaxing place to be. Hope your winter doesn't come too quickly for you - although with such lovely knitwear to wear - you will be kept warm.

  7. I love the socks and mittens! I wish we had more need for mittens here in Florida!

  8. I love the knitted socks. I have been given a pair today (see my blog) and they are just gorgeous - knitted by one of my lovely stitching ladies!

  9. I love the mittens. What a wonderful picture the 3rd one is.


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