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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They say it's summer...

But I am not quite sure I believe them....

Four of us went for a nice walk the other day, and we all had wool tights, wool sweaters, mittens and two wore headbands to keep our ears warm....

Would any of you out there pleeease send us some sun???

During the night it fell to 25F. (-3,5 C). Now I don't like to complain but hey, it's the middle of June for crying out loud!!!
But hey, it is great sewing weather!!!!


  1. Brrrr. Sometimes the thermometer just doesn't consult with the calendar!

  2. It's in the 90's here in Texas. I'm looking forward to fall & winter already!

  3. oh your poor thing it is winter here now and your summer is sounding as cold or colder.......we have had a few frosts...........beautiful 17 deg today........

  4. Kind of sounds like summer near Seattle some years :) We never put the woolens away here.

  5. I would love to share our HOT weather with you. Lets share!!!!Have a great weekend, love to the family. Hugs, Marie

  6. I’ve just send you some sunshine! Won’t take long for the beams to arrive!

    We’re having lovely sunny/cloudy weather and 20oC... sorry!

    Enjoy the holiday!!!


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